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I’m in Charge of the Knives and the Wine!

“I’m in charge of the knives and the wine!”

That was proudly proclaimed by Shani at the height of our impromptu dinner party on Saturday night. I was planning on going out to an Extra Action Marching Band performance at 12 Galaxies and Charlotte was planning on staying in for a quiet evening. But when I opened the apartment door, I saw Shani and Aaron setting the table in the dining/living/bed/office room! And then I heard a voice in the kitchen… it was our neighbor Lori! I walked in and hugged Shani… a moment later, there was a knock at the door. It was our other neighbor, Cindy! Wow!   It was a party!

After we had sat down and had served the Zigeuner Schnitzel, and spaetzele, carrots sauteed with bacon, fresh bread, and homemade coleslaw, the doorbell rang!! It was Cindy’s friend Ken! That’s 7 for dinner!

It was after about the fourth bottle of wine when Shani was returning from the kitchen, implements in-hand that she she said it, “I’m in charge of the knives and the wine!” Happily, Charlotte took one of them out of her hands.

What a great night! Constant conversation, a stone soup dinner (port wine, red velvet cake and other items appeared in our house :-), and seven bottles of wine!


Sometimes I wonder where the time goes. So it’s good to write it down just to remind yourself that you’ve actually accomplished something. In the last week or so I (with Charlotte!)….

went to 2 of 3 bookkeeping classes (final one is next week)
went to “How to be a good speaker” class (sucked)
went to “what form of company should you have” (LLC, duh)
made mustard bread (yum!), oatmeal bread (yum!)
get quotes for FLG calendar to be sold shortly
Went to boxshop to paint lockers & fix welder
set up paypal thingie for FLG calendar
set up more shelves
put up some pictures
found and explored Mission Cliffs, an indoor rock climbing place
went to a great dinner at Universal Cafe (Thanks mom!!)
spent quality time with Charlotte
researched corporate structures
learned and implemented wiki stuff
helped my aunt get her computer fixed (a dead motherboard :-( )
went for some nice walks
surfed the darpanet
researched software backup products for the business
Took an ICS (Incident Command System) certificate class
bought christmas presents for family
researched stud finders (unsuccessfully, hurumph)
set up an email mailing list for FLG calendar group
set up FTP services for FLG
talked with Dorothy, Beaner, my sister, mom and dad

am going tango dancing in 15 min

A little update

Phew, I’m busy.

Business is getting frazzlingly brisk. Two or three appointments a day takes some serious scheduling! But that’s where I want to be so…

I went to a Bi-zone conference this weekend. I was the facilitator for the SOFFA (Significant Other, Friend, Family, or Allies) panel. It went well. It occurs to me that this was the first time I had ever been a panel facilitator. It went just fine.

I got a snazzy Neovo 19″ LCD monitor last week. I’m very happy with it

My product review:
– It looks very slick on the desktop
– the front plastic shield has protected my friend’s trade show monitor well
– it folds up smaller than the average LCD monitor (though it’s not height adjustable :-( )
– You can really crank the brightness and contrast up
– It’s viewable from any angle
– competitive price (free shipping from Amazon too)
– 3 year warranty, including burnt-out pixels (no burnt out pixels yet)
– cool name

Things are going very between PPG and I.

The Eleventh President and I are doing very well. We went to Washington Rock State Park recently. That was cooler than either of us thought it was going to be.

April 7th-11, I think I put on 10 lbs. It was great. Stevie came by for a couple days. Steak and Optimator! Saturday was a Seder with PPG and family. (PPG noted that matzo should be called “the bread of freedom” not “the bread of affliction”; I mean, think about it) Food! And then Easter with my cousins in Aberdeen. THAT was a great meal. And the leftovers were just as good! I tell ya, driving home with the steering wheel in one hand and brussel sprouts in cheese in the other is dangerous and delicious!

I keep not hearing from The Frog Princess, which makes me sad.

My cousin Jay and I had a business idea for Computer Guy. It might create a lot of business :-) Time will tell.

Yummy bread

This past weekend: Housewarming in Philadelphia

When I was in upstate NY, that girl I met asked me, “What are you doing next weekend?” I thought for a few moments. I struggled to remember… I had something planned but I couldn’t think of what it was! I stammered out an, “Umm, I don’t know. I think I… I don’t remember but I might have something important.” She asked, “Would you like to come to Cappy’s housewarming party next weekend?” I smiled, “Oh yea that’s what I had planned!” The world is WAYYY too small. We had just met but were going to the same party some 300 miles distant in a week’s time! Of course I also had the Technology Education test on Saturday morning but that was just an aside. (and she wasn’t going to that! That would have been beyond weird).

Thursday and Friday, go to bed early. Saturday morning 6am, go to Technology Education Test (actually, 6:35am… I got up late but made it in time). 11am, drive to phila in the driving rain. 1:20pm, arrive at her apartment. I had told her on the phone a few days earlier that if she could actually make a really good thick crusted peasant bread, I’d worship her. Well, I helped her make the bread… though I cringed several times at her technique: the dough was way too wet, it wasn’t rising enough, it didn’t seem to be kneaded properly. 25 minutes later, as I checked it in the oven, I began to ready my knees for some serious worship. When we ate it an hour later, I was in full worship-mode. Apparently, knowing too much about how bread “should” be baked can be a detriment to how to should be baked!

I’m only thinking about this now but she made that masterful breadness only 2 weeks after moving into her apartment. She barely has her bedroom set up but she pulled all the right ingredients and tools out of boxes to make that for me! That was a feat. And she did that for me [grin!].

There is more. Lots more but I’ll write about it tomorrow.