I’m in Charge of the Knives and the Wine!

“I’m in charge of the knives and the wine!”

That was proudly proclaimed by Shani at the height of our impromptu dinner party on Saturday night. I was planning on going out to an Extra Action Marching Band performance at 12 Galaxies and Charlotte was planning on staying in for a quiet evening. But when I opened the apartment door, I saw Shani and Aaron setting the table in the dining/living/bed/office room! And then I heard a voice in the kitchen… it was our neighbor Lori! I walked in and hugged Shani… a moment later, there was a knock at the door. It was our other neighbor, Cindy! Wow!  It was a party!

After we had sat down and had served the Zigeuner Schnitzel, and spaetzele, carrots sauteed with bacon, fresh bread, and homemade coleslaw, the doorbell rang!! It was Cindy’s friend Ken! That’s 7 for dinner!

It was after about the fourth bottle of wine when Shani was returning from the kitchen, implements in-hand that she she said it, “I’m in charge of the knives and the wine!” Happily, Charlotte took one of them out of her hands.

What a great night! Constant conversation, a stone soup dinner (port wine, red velvet cake and other items appeared in our house :-), and seven bottles of wine!

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