A little update

Phew, I’m busy.

Business is getting frazzlingly brisk. Two or three appointments a day takes some serious scheduling! But that’s where I want to be so…

I went to a Bi-zone conference this weekend. I was the facilitator for the SOFFA (Significant Other, Friend, Family, or Allies) panel. It went well. It occurs to me that this was the first time I had ever been a panel facilitator. It went just fine.

I got a snazzy Neovo 19″ LCD monitor last week. I’m very happy with it

My Amazon.com product review:
– It looks very slick on the desktop
– the front plastic shield has protected my friend’s trade show monitor well
– it folds up smaller than the average LCD monitor (though it’s not height adjustable :-( )
– You can really crank the brightness and contrast up
– It’s viewable from any angle
– competitive price (free shipping from Amazon too)
– 3 year warranty, including burnt-out pixels (no burnt out pixels yet)
– cool name

Things are going very between PPG and I.

The Eleventh President and I are doing very well. We went to Washington Rock State Park recently. That was cooler than either of us thought it was going to be.

April 7th-11, I think I put on 10 lbs. It was great. Stevie came by for a couple days. Steak and Optimator! Saturday was a Seder with PPG and family. (PPG noted that matzo should be called “the bread of freedom” not “the bread of affliction”; I mean, think about it) Food! And then Easter with my cousins in Aberdeen. THAT was a great meal. And the leftovers were just as good! I tell ya, driving home with the steering wheel in one hand and brussel sprouts in cheese in the other is dangerous and delicious!

I keep not hearing from The Frog Princess, which makes me sad.

My cousin Jay and I had a business idea for Computer Guy. It might create a lot of business :-) Time will tell.

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