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Air Filters and Backup Power for Fire Season

For my northern California friends… With wildfire season warming up, here’s a tip… Rather than spend big bucks on air filters that will take up lots of space in your closet most of the year, get MERV 13 or better air filters for your furnace. Putting those filters on a fan also works very well. […]

Furnace Filters

I recently bought some MERV 13 furnace filters from and was very happy. They mailed 3 filters for about $14 each delivered in about a week. They work well to keep the occasional wildfire smoke out of our house. An acquaintance on recommended them to me.

Filters and Fans

To deal with the smoke in the air, I put a MERV 13 furnace filter on our forced-air system, sealed up the forced-air ducts with aluminum tape (great stuff!) and put a MERV 13 filter on a fan. It’s woring well! I had noticed that the air coming out of the vents had a slight […]

Furnace Filters are Good for Smoke

If the smoke in the bay area has your throat feeling down, get a good furnace filter and clean your indoor air. It works wonders.We swapped out our regular MERV 8 for a MERV 13 and the house feels so much more like home! If your fan switch on your furnace doesn’t work, you can […]

Molekule Air Filter

8-16-20: A friend asked about the Molekule filter, this is what I had to say: TL;DR: Scam. I don’t own one but I had a conversation with them about the quality of their product after getting facebook bombed by their product a zillion times. They came up empty in all regards. It’s louder, moves less […]

new spam filter and Henry Rollins

The new spam filter is working out great. I couldn’t be happier. Well, I could be, but you know what I mean. A couple months ago I saw Henry Rollins in concert. I took some notes about his show but never bothered to put them in my journal. Here you go: “Ramones Fans can’t kill […]

Spamkiller spam filter help

Here’s another weapon in the war against spam. In the last year I’ve started receiving a lot of spam that Spamkiller hasn’t been able to filter. These spams look like garbage when viewed in Spamkiller. I’ll see garbage like this in the body of the message: DQoNCjxNRVRBIEhUVFAtRVFVSVY9IkNvbnRlbnQtVHlwZSIgQ09OVEV… Well, what the spammers are doing is encoding […]

Lunch in the Time of COVID

COVID suggestions keep evolving. I did a little analysis in July, mostly focused on the question as to how we should have lunch at work… inside, outside,  distanced, etc… Here’s what I came up with: There’s no perfect answer but here’s what my research is digging up. My own input at the end. CDC on […]

Phone spam

In the past 2 days, I’ve gotten some 40 spam calls and 10 spam texts about getting medical care. I’m thankful that my phone is filtering most of it out but… yow, is this going to be the new normal?

Can you help fix my domain’s email?

[Update 12-30-20: Fixed!! See below] Can you help fix my domain’s spam reputation problem? I’m happy to pay for professional help. Whenever I send email to a new person at gmail from my domain name,, it falls into their spam folder. After they mark my email as “not spam”, recipients can receive further emails. […]