Filters and Fans

To deal with the smoke in the air, I put a MERV 13 furnace filter on our forced-air system, sealed up the forced-air ducts with aluminum tape (great stuff!) and put a MERV 13 filter on a fan. It’s woring well!

I had noticed that the air coming out of the vents had a slight odor… certainly more odor than the air in the house in general. So I went under the house for a look. I lit a match and blew it out near the air intake: I saw the smoke being drawn into the system and my family immediately noticed the smell in the house! They shouldn’t have smelled it! There were 3 places where I found leaks:

  • in the air intake manifold in the house: I stuck my head into the intake and taped it up.
  • under the house where the air intake manifold is.
  • Where the ductwork goes into the furnace itself.

I used aluminum tape (not “duct tape!) to seal it up and it helped a LOT!

And Dave shared his “cheapo hepa pet dander filter” with me :-)

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