Molekule Air Filter

8-16-20: A friend asked about the Molekule filter, this is what I had to say:

TL;DR: Scam.

I don’t own one but I had a conversation with them about the quality of their product after getting facebook bombed by their product a zillion times. They came up empty in all regards. It’s louder, moves less air, and is MUCH more expensive than any other air filter on the market. Their “unique pollutant destroying technology” is an activated carbon filter. The molekule guy said he has a report “coming out soon” showing how their filter was better than blah blah blah. I googled and found the “upcoming” report on the molekule website itself! I grabbed it and put it the report here. Performance of the filter is IDENTICAL to reasonably good filtration + an activated carbon filter.

If you want a good air filter, the best start is to get a good furnace filter from the hardware store. Spend $20 on a filter instead of the usual $8 and you’re rocking it. That worked very well for recent wildfires.

scam alert for reals.

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