Air Filters and Backup Power for Fire Season

For my northern California friends…
With wildfire season warming up, here’s a tip… Rather than spend big bucks on air filters that will take up lots of space in your closet most of the year, get MERV 13 or better air filters for your furnace. Putting those filters on a fan also works very well. 2 years running we spent $20 on furnace filters instead of $300+ for dedicated filters and they kept our home feeling like a refuge from the wildfire smoke. I’ve written more tips over the past few years on my blog.

Your local hardware store likely has filters for you. Last year, a neighbor here on Nextdoor suggested I get furnace filters from and they worked out very well :-)

If you own an electric hybrid car, consider getting a $40 400 watt inverter and extension cords so you can power devices in your house with your car in case of blackout. You can plug into your cigarette lighter and get about 180 watts. Or find the 12v battery terminals and get a lot more. Investing in a $40 inverter probably won’t power your house’s fridge but could help a lot! And it’s a good, easy, productive, first step, that will get you thinking about what you -need- to power in a blackout. Especially seeing as a home generator costs $2-10k+.

Here’s a video of someone who is running their whole house from a Prius, an inverter and transfer switch. Think of a Prius as a 1000 watt generator.
– $1,000 transfer switch, professionally installed
– $300 1000 watt sine wave inverter
– $200 power cabling
– Prius

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