Google Maps Directions in the MacArthur Maze are Dangerously Wrong

At this exact spot (see the photo of the start of the MacArthur Maze on Rt 80 coming from the north), Google Maps says “keep right at the fork” [when it is wanting you to take Rt 580 or 880] but that is TERRIBLY misleading and dangerous! It should be something like “Stay in the middle lanes” or more verbosely “Don’t take the left exit/HOV lane. Instead, stay in the second or third lanes from the left. If you get in the right 3 lanes (as is suggested by the phrase “keep right”) you will find yourself going over the Bay Bridge, sucker!”
This is a high priority fix because it’s on a major highway used by tens of thousands per day, and it’s on Google’s home turf.

There’s two problems with the direction. First, it says “keep right” when it means “don’t turn left”. The second is that another major highway intersection is just 200 yards further down the road, at 50mph, it’s impossible to change the required 3 lanes to the left!

That is what I reported to Google Maps Feedback tonight. (make your own updates by clicking on “Feedback” in the far lower right corner of your Google Maps directions on your computer).

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