Jessup Pizza

Tonight was International Night at Abigail’s school. People were asked to bring pot-luck dishes from their culture. I brought Jessup Pizza! It was eaten up in a flash! (yeah, I think the kids generally appreciated the pizza-ness of it it more than the grownups. But hey, it’s elementary school!) The recipe came from my mom :-)

As I wrote on the description:

Jessup Pizza: When the people of Gubbio Italy emigrated to Jessup Pennsylvania at the beginning of the 20th century, they felt a need to update some of their traditions. Jessup Pizza was born, proudly featuring American cheese! To this day, several pizzerias in Jessup put this on their regular pies.

From Abigail Flom-Sonko, who’s great great grandparents were Mario Ferranti & Reginia Becchetti of Gubbio Italy, and Bernardo Norvestoni & Rose Viania of Piemonte, Italy.

I got to sample several really great, fun dishes before Abigail ran us out because there was “nothing good to eat”. The curried fish balls, Hungarian goulash, dumplings, and kugel were all really delicious and fun! I wish I had gotten the chance to really meet some people before Abigail expired. I chatted with one man for a few seconds with a 3rd grader,  which was nice. Abigail chose to buy the chocolate and sprinkle covered apple; at least it was money spent for a good cause, the 6th grade science trip!

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  1. Lee says:

    This pizza from the Pioneer Club in Jessup might be a cousin to what I was told was Jessup pizza!

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