Windows Sandbox Virtual Machine

Windows Sandbox is a nice, quick virtual machine that you probably already have.

It’s great to use virtual machine software like this when you need to download and run suspicious software that might have a virus or be otherwise unsavory. Instead of hoping and praying that your anti-virus holds up, you just start a Sandbox and ‘tada!’ you have an extra throwaway computer! Run programs in it, access the internet, copy files wherever. When you’re done, close the Sandbox and everything in it is GONE forever.

Find out how to turn on Windows Sandbox here. (I didn’t say “download” it because you already have it if you have Windows 10 Pro, Enterprise or Education build 18305 or Windows 11!)

It’s not as powerful as other virtual machine software like Virtualbox or VMware but it’s way easier to set up!


And just in case you need a real Windows 10 install in a virtual machine, you can get it for free.

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