The Skirtboot Game

Charlotte and I invented and played this game in San Francisco in 2007-2009. It was great fun!


The rules are simple, if you see a person with one of the attributes on the list, you get a point!

  • Wearing a skirt and boots (the titular “skirtboot”)
  • Holding a Yoga mat
  • Bald gay man
  • Parka and bare knees
  • White person with dreadlocks
  • Guy in a suit riding a skateboard (added by Charlotte’s friend John the chocolate maker 7/09)
  • Moon boots (optional rules, added by Lee 11-1-09)
  • …and…
  • -1 point for your opponent: wearing a hoodie and riding a fixie. It’s worth negative points because no one wants to see that

You can earn a tremendous number points when you see someone with several of the items above. Points awarded are the square of the number of attributes seen on one person. IE: 1, 4, 9, 16, 25

So if you saw a bald gay man wearing a skirtboot and carrying a yoga mat, you’d earn 9 points in one go!!

Hurray for hipster San Francisco!

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