Autistry Studios in Marin is Hiring

My friend Janet Lawson is hiring… you? Her Autistry Studios in Marin promotes growth and independence for autistic students and others. She’s got an amazing maker space along with a set of fantastic volunteers and workers. Want to join their intersection of ASD therapy, productive work, and art? Not sure if it’s right for you, ping me or them.

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  1. Janet Lawson says:

    Yes! We are hiring at Autistry. We are a therapeutic makerspace – using project-based therapy and education to help autistic teens and adults develop their strengths and find work-arounds for their challenges. We are adding an additional studio space (7,380 sq. ft!) that includes a coffee bar and retail space to offer employment opportunities for our students. They will be able to sell their creations and brew a great cappuccino! This is a great time to join us and help us create these new programs. Email me if you are interested: janet@autistry dot com (Thank you Lee for the shout out!)

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