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After having a come-to-Jesus discussion with Dreamhost tech support (I said, “Pretty please help me fix this or I’m leaving.” They said, “It is unfixable Google Workspace might magically fix it”) I moved my gmail account to a paid Google Workspace account. The hope is that for $6/month, they’ll fix my intractable spam problem (whenever I send email to a new person from, it falls into their spam folder for unknown reasons). It’s kinda exciting seeing all my gmail email being migrated to my new account. All 62,000 emails going back to 2011! And I might just fold in my Outlook email going back to 2002 and my RFDMail and Eudora going back to 199-something!


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  1. Lee Sonko says:

    In response to a friend who suggested I set my DNS up better…

    The thing is…
    >SPF, DMARC, and domain keys. Look at email headers from working emails and look at the ones from

    Done, done, done, and done. And still the going-to-spam problem remained! :-(

    This week, I’m going to create a new gmail address and try sending to it. It better effing make it through!

    One important item: At my free @gmail address, I get about 100 spams/day in my spam folder. It’s a pain in the ass to wade through every month but every month I find something like 4 important, legit emails in the pile of 3,000. Now that I’m forwarding it to my Google Workspace account, I get like 2 spams/day in my spam folder!

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