Apocalypse Bingo

Felt sick Monday, maybe it was being tired from Saturday beach trip but quarantined in the bedroom in case it was COVID-19. Got tested Tuesday, felt better Tuesday evening, test came back negative Wednesday. I was very glad to be feeling silly that I was self-quarantining! I got to tell Megan I was in the “Best jail ever!” Megan felt the same a little under the weather Wednesday: how are viruses so strong?! We have been quarantining for 3 months!! I was never closer than 10′ from anyone outside my bubble in the last 2 weeks! My google timeline is soooo boring!

My CRVO eye problem came back starting Saturday. By my scheduled doctor’s appointment on Thursday, vision in my right eye wasn’t so great. Turns out, getting a needle in the eye is exhausting. I was out Thursday and much of Friday.

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