Help Me Find This Old Sci-Fi Movie

Can you help me find this very old movie that has been bouncing around my head for the last 45 years or so?

I remember a scene where a very classic “retro” shaped rocket (silver shiny metal, torpedo shaped, 3 or 4 nice tailfins) is flying around and it lands on a very stark, red ball-of-silly-putty looking planet. They think things are going to go well until someone gets out of the ship in their coolio shiny silver metal with red trim space suit. They realize the planet is actually alive and sucking the ship down into it’s gooey surface. They try to take off but it’s in vain, the ship gets sucked into the planet. Other ships get sucked down into the multiple planets that are bounding around.

There’s lots of silver and red rockets flying around and … something … something… I don’t recall since I was only half-watching it and I was like 8 years old! It had a look like it was a scary sci-fi movie. From the appearance of the sets and the color textures, I’d guess the movie was made in 1965-1968 or so but I could be wrong. It’s possible all the actors were Japanese.

I saw the movie on broadcast television at my neighbor Lisa’s house in the New York area sometime around 1975-1979. I’ve looked at the old TV series that were on then: Creature Feature, Fright Night, Chiller Thriller… but I haven’t come across my film yet!

Oooh. Could it possibly be the 1961 Battle of the Worlds?! Hmm, It aired on September 22nd 1979 on WOR-TV Channel 9 at 1AM, but it would be weird if I was over at my neighbor’s house on my birthday at 1 o’clock in the morning (the VCR hadn’t been invented yet!)… hmmm. I don’t think that’s the film.

I carefully reviewed the terrific Drive In Movie site with old horror movie series to no avail, but it may have slipped through my fingers. I’ve ambled through the encyclopedic DVD Drive In site but was overwhelmed with all the films there!

Do you remember this movie?


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