How Do I Scroll in Adobe Reader?

How Do I Scroll in Adobe Reader?

99% of what anyone wants to do with Adobe Reader is to read a document. 99% of reading a document is the act of scrolling. Is there a keyboard shortcut or mouse gesture that will reliably and smoothly scroll through a document?

Adobe Reader has existed for over 15 years, how can this be a thing?



  1. Free says:

    I just use either the mouse on the scrollbar on the right, or the down arrow key. Don’t these work for you?

  2. lee says:

    They aren’t reliable at all. With the arrows, sometimes the pages “stick”, at the page break, sometimes I’ll just start moving the cursor down the page. The scroll bar generally works but having to maintain my finger in the exact right spot on the scroll bar is silly in the long run.

    Some friends on Facebook responded and I found a solution!

    >in Reader DC you can go to View, Page Display, and choose Enable Scrolling. Mine scrolls OK with that setting enabled.

    Me: Yes, I have set Enable Scrolling before. I see now that Reader DC apparently keeps that setting on a per-document basis and I can’t figure out how to set it by default! Hmmm, maybe the internets (and Michael) have saved me. The setting is apparently buried in “Accessibility” I’ll try that. Fingers crossed.

    That worked! I can now reliably scroll smoothly in Adobe Reader DC with just the cursors or page-up/page-down buttons.

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