Handy at the Crucible

We can be quite handy at the Crucible!

I’ve been teaching several classes in the last few weeks. Above is one project from a kid in my Radical Robots class. It works quite well for a prototype! And Thank you to  Peter Moore for the photo!

Other recent teaching:

  • A very successful Workshop Weekend: Arduino. 7 teachers, 30 students, 1 intense weekend! See my bio.
  • Flame Effects Intensive at the Crucible last weekend. 7 students: lots of propane!
  • Arduino class at the Crucible. Ongoing for the next few Tuesdays. I asked if they wanted to go meticulously or burn their brains. From their slight deer-in-headlights expressions they are often wearing, sometimes I think they chose poorly ;-). They’re enjoying it and learning a lot though!
  • Electromechanics for Everything at the Crucible
  • Several rounds of Radical Robots at the Crucible


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