Occupational Therapy Update

I’ve been doing a bit more volunteering in Occupational Therapy. I’m volunteering at the Spectrum School in Hayward, a non-public school for kids with autism. It’s been a really good, albeit intense experience.

Can you help me find adult or geriatric OT where I can visit and volunteer at?  I’m still looking for a bit more volunteering.

Just finished taking a Library Research class at College of San Mateo. This “A” (hurray!) will push out some older grades on my “last 60 units” list, bringing my GPA from a 3.67 to a 3.87

I’ve got to start studying for the GRE again soon! I’m hoping to take the GRE in September.

I’ve got got rewrite my application to let it shine brightly.

I’m hoping to apply to  San Jose State on October 1st when admissions open.

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