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Occupational Therapy Update

I’ve been doing a bit more volunteering in Occupational Therapy. I’m volunteering at the Spectrum School in Hayward, a non-public school for kids with autism. It’s been a really good, albeit intense experience.

Can you help me find adult or geriatric OT where I can visit and volunteer at? I’m still looking for a bit more volunteering.

Just finished taking a Library Research class at College of San Mateo. This “A” (hurray!) will push out some older grades on my “last 60 units” list, bringing my GPA from a 3.67 to a 3.87

I’ve got to start studying for the GRE again soon! I’m hoping to take the GRE in September.

I’ve got got rewrite my application to let it shine brightly.

I’m hoping to apply to San Jose State on October 1st when admissions open.

Handy at the Crucible

We can be quite handy at the Crucible!

I’ve been teaching several classes in the last few weeks. Above is one project from a kid in my Radical Robots class. It works quite well for a prototype! And Thank you to Peter Moore for the photo!

Other recent teaching:

  • A very successful Workshop Weekend: Arduino. 7 teachers, 30 students, 1 intense weekend! See my bio.
  • Flame Effects Intensive at the Crucible last weekend. 7 students: lots of propane!
  • Arduino class at the Crucible. Ongoing for the next few Tuesdays. I asked if they wanted to go meticulously or burn their brains. From their slight deer-in-headlights expressions they are often wearing, sometimes I think they chose poorly ;-). They’re enjoying it and learning a lot though!
  • Electromechanics for Everything at the Crucible
  • Several rounds of Radical Robots at the Crucible


My Workshop Weekend Arduino Biography

From WW:A in July 2013!

Pre-Download Gmail Images

Here is a suggestion I just sent the Android Gmail team:

If an email sender has been previously approved to display images, the images should be loaded when the email is downloaded to my phone.

Right now the images are loaded when the email is viewed for the first time. This means I have to wait for the images to download and depending on my internet connection that could be a while. If I’m checking my email where there is no service (on subways, elevators, about 1/2 of Berkeley CA) the experience totally sucks.

If images are pre-downloaded, it will break “web bug” functionality built into email images. But web bugs have never been a web standard, just a clever, if unreliable hack at gaining metrics. If you’re totally excited about it, you could build a new web standard for when web bugs get viewed. Also, nowadays, if a user cares enough to have emails go to their inbox (and not unsubscribing, or marking it as spam), they are probably interested in reading the email, so web bugs aren’t that important any more.

Thanks for your consideration!

Groupme Emoji

Groupme is a group-texting app for smartphones and dumbphones. I use it all the time to chat with Megan because it’s faster and more reliable than texting with my Virgin Mobile phone (ugh, I know).

I just sent a message to Groupme support with my biggest gripe:

Since the promise of Groupme is (from the homepage) “the best way to chat with everyone you know”… “works on every device”… It would be great if the emoji were similar on the 3 main platforms me and my friends use it on: iphone, android, website. It is frustrating when the emoji I send isn’t the emoji they receive.

Keep rockin

What Can Be Made

This video comes from a student of mine that was in my Flame Effects class last year. I’d say that was a win :-)

Firefly Dragon Bike by Justin Lebrun Works