Google IO After Hours

A couple weeks ago I got some fun invites to two Google events. Eyal Hershko brought some robots from Israel from his FIRST league; he started the first hackerspace and FIRST league there. He wanted some help running them at this afternoon lunchtime event at Shoreline Amphitheater. I went down with Michael Shiloh and we spun some folks in circles for a while on the bots.

A couple days later the robots were off to Google IO After Hours… the party that happens at the end of the Google IO Developers conference. They had a lot of entertainment there, including us. Billy Idol was the musical headliner. With Hand of Man by Christian Ristow, MakrShakr (the million dollar drink machine with 3 car assembly arms), Eyal’s spinning bots, Jon Sarriugarte’s Serpent Twins, some air powered rock’em sock’em robots, and lots more toys!

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