Weston Family Photo

My cousin Joe Weston posted this photo of a Weston family reunion 1950 at the Pioneer Club in Jessup, PA. My mom and her side of the family are in it.

(the relationship references are from Joe Weston’s angle)
back row left to right:
Mary Anne Weston (grandma), Shelly Peters Sakulich, Eleanor Weston (aunt), Albert Weston (uncle), Ernest Ferranti (uncle), Ida Ferranti (aunt), Alice Weston Berettini (aunt), Ernest Weston (grandfather), Nona Rose Weston, Louis Weston (uncle), Anna Weston Lepri (aunt), Joe Lepri, Dinah Weston (aunt), Louise Weston Giombetti, Robert Weston, Rose Weston, Joseph Lepri.

seated left to right:
Ernie Weston, Marie Weston Paciotti, Joe Weston, Joseph Weston Sr, Ernestine McCarren, Jeanie Berrentini Peters, Marlene Ferranti Sonko, Dorothy Ferranti Howard, Frank Cavagnaro, Louise Weston Stasium (aunt), Charles Stasium (uncle), Gloria Lepri, Bernie Lepri, (the two children on the far right are the sons of Joe and Rose Lepri, grandsons of Uncle Joe and Aunt Annie Lepri)

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  1. B.Joan Lucas Hopkins says:

    Marlene and I were roommates in our Junior year at Penn State. I felt
    we were special friends but we had a falling out
    over sororities and barely spoke after that. I have always
    felt bad about it and hoped we could get in touch
    again. I would like us to have been able to catch up on
    where our lives have led us.
    I remember meeting her family at their home in Jessup
    and we shared so many of our hopes about our futures
    and then a stupid argument ended our friendship.

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