Burning Man Low Income Ticket Application

I applied to get a Burning Man Low Income Ticket. I think my application says a bit about me…

17. Financial Need
Why do you feel you need a Low Income ticket this year?

I’m changing careers so that I can keep making art the way I want. I moved to San Francisco in 2005 after Burning Man changed my outlook on life. In the past few years, I seriously considered becoming an industrial artist, began a (short lived) career in mechanical engineering, and began a career teaching several different industrial arts at The Crucible in Oakland. I’ve tried to make a career in connection with my love of the art of moving things. So far I have been unsuccessful so I have changed tactics.

I have been a student taking prerequisite classes for the past 1 1/2 years and hope to enter a master’s degree program in the fall. The plan is to retool my job skills so I can continue to afford to make kinetic art. I have plans for several art pieces, plans that have been on hold as my finances have dwindled. Plans that have to stay on hold while I’m in school for the next two years. But then, LOOK OUT!

In brief: I am 40+ year-old poor student who loves the art of Burning Man and wants desperately to make a contribution.

18. Your Contribution
How do you feel you are an asset to the community and how are you planning to contribute to Burning Man this year?

Right now, I don’t know! I’ve been so busy taking my classes. But rest assured, It’ll be something awesome.

In past years I’ve brought:
* a 168 foot long skeletal serpent made of metal and fire (The Serpent Mother)
* a fleet of semi-autonomous spherical orbs that dance, illuminate and sing (OrbSWARM)
* an array of parlor tricks that I’d show to new acquaintances
* a joke (hundreds of people got to hear my joke. It was epic!)
* hundreds of flaming marshmallow Peeps on a stick that we’d give to people around wood fires
* a kava kava experience for hundreds of people

19. What do you do for work? (How do you earn money?)  
I’m underemployed right now. I teach Kinetics classes at the Crucible. I do some computer IT work in San Francisco. School is the most important thing.

20. What is your household’s average monthly take-home income (i.e. after taxes)?  

21. What are your average monthly expenses? Please explain.
$1,000 rent
$600 school, food, transportation, slush fund

Hmm, my expenses exceed my income. That’s no good. Welcome to the student’s life!

22. Proof of Income & Expenses

23. Interests
What do you enjoy doing? What are your hobbies, likes, loves, dreams?
I love teaching kinetics classes to kids and adults. I love when my students come back to me because they “get it” and they want more. I love experiencing kinetic art. I love model airplanes. On my refrigerator I have photos of the things I dream of:
family gathering
my own art piece

24. Burning Man
What does the Burning Man community represent to you?

My interaction with the Burning Man community continually reminds me that anything is possible. Anything.

The wonderment of a child can, and should be experienced by adults. It does a people good.

Is there anything else you would like to tell us?
If I’m accepted into graduate school this spring, I won’t be able to attend Burning Man this year! Having a ticket is a reminder that no matter what, something good is going to happen in September. Either it will be the beginning of my new career, or Burning Man!


  1. Bathesinmilk says:

    You could always go for the weekend!

  2. friscolex says:

    You must go!!!!!!!!! They must take you!!!!!!!!!!!!

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