Razors Kinda Suck

My electric razor is currently in the Berkeley Police property room awaiting me (long story). After 2 days without a razor, my face felt like a porcupine autofelating itself: not good. I’ll get my electric back soon but I had to pick up some interim Bic razors at Walgreens.

After lathering up my face, I touched the razor to my upper lip, gave it a tuGGHHHHAAARRRRRGwhatthefaaaahk?! Ouch!

What the hell are people thinking, using a razor instead of an electric is masochistic! I’ve used a rotary electric razor since 1990 and never looked back. And today I was reminded as to why!

Screw bladed razors, get a Norelco rotary electric razor! They rock!


  1. Michael says:

    Berkeley? How?

  2. lee says:

    Remember when we were talking on the phone last week and I was at 4th Street in Berkeley? A thief was busy smashing and grabbing my bag out of the car I was travelling in. They police say they recovered my bag and my toiletry kit (hopefully with razor), but my laptop computer was removed from the stolen and recovered bag. Feh. The property room’s hours are really short. Pain in the ass.

  3. Michael says:

    Oh no! That completely and utterly sucks! We need to rig up some propane powered security system for Megan’s car.

  4. muffin says:

    can’t trust anyone, even the hippies in Brezerkley

  5. lee says:

    Well, the 4th street area is all fancy Design Within Reach, Papersourcey, and it’s near… what is literally the wrong side of the tracks. I’m sure the crackheads come over to this neighborhood when they need milk money.

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