A Terrific Holiday Break

I’ve been terrible about blogging about this of late, but I need to say what a great time I’ve been having with Megan and family over the holiday. We saw the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus, opened presents and presents, went to Santa Rosa and to Bodega Bay. Megan is the greatest. I’m also thankful for a few moments of quiet after my stressful semester of classes, GRE studying, volunteering, and application putting-together.

San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus. The show was great fun!

Bodega Head with Megan’s family

Bodega Head with Megan’s family in 3D Wiggle Vision! Click and enjoy!

Doesn’t Megan look terrific by the sea? What’s better than Instagram? When it’s real! I’ll give a gold star to whoever can tell me how I made this photo (hint: no digital effects were used)


  1. muffin says:

    pin hole camera, old school

  2. lee says:

    A good guess but no! Try again!

  3. lee says:

    That photo of Megan was taken with my phone, looking the wrong way through a binocular! Unretouched!

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