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Thanksgiving in Florida

Thanksgiving in Florida was terrific. Everyone (of course) loved Megan!

As you move toward a dream…

As you move toward a dream, the dream moves toward you. …. Pray to catch the bus, then run as fast as you can. ― Julia Cameron

This brought to you (and me) by my friend Marah. I certainly need such encouragement with all my chasing school stuff. (I’m taking the GRE in 9 days, and I’ve got a flurry of tests in front of me before Holiday break)

16th and 24th Street Stations Look The Same

I wrote a letter to BART today. If you believe the same, please comment here and write to BART

I notice that Powell station recently got new illuminated signage at the platform level. Its very nice and legible from inside the train.

I need to point out that the 16th and 24th street stations remain ENTIRELY indistinguishable from one another from inside the train. The stations look IDENTICAL to one another and the existing signage is hidden in shadow.

Please install signage at 16th and 24th St stations so a traveller can tell them apart.

Thank you,
Lee Sonko

One Punctuation Mark Away

A few years ago when Charlotte and I were in a Penzeys spice store, we came across this bumper sticker.

We’re not sure how large the young urban cannibal market is, but Penzeys has a lock on it ;-)


Love People. Cook them tasty food.

SRL Upcoming Show

If you ever get the chance to see an SRL show, you see it. A little more on the subject.


SRL at the Extreme Futurist Festival 2012

SRL will be performing at this year’s Extreme Futurist Festival in LA December 22 2012. XFF is a 2 day arts and technology festival focusing on cutting edge science and technology along with transgressive performance art and music. Tickets are $35 for the SRL show only or $70 for the show and the festival.Purchase tickets through XFF here.

(A great new article about SRL)

I’m going to try to be there. Join me?

WordPress Plugins

Here’s a boring geeky list of what makes run.

Currently disabled…
* Login Lock. Works but Google Authentication works better (I think)

* Social
* Twitter Tools
* WPBook Lite. I replaced these 3 with Twitterfeed this week.

* Spam Free WordPress – By Todd Lahman, LLC It helped decrease comment spams but my current solution is working better

* No Adverts for Friends  By Donncha O Caoimh – it looks like it broke a while back :-(

* Maintenance Mode By Michael Wöhrer. Hangs in the wings in case of spam hack attack or something.