My SF Todo List

Where do you think I should go in San Francisco? What do you think I should do? What restaurant to dine at? What mountain to climb? Please add to this list!

When I tell friends where I am, they wax poetic and start telling me where I -have- to go! It’s far less fun to go to such places alone so I look forward to friends buzzing me up and asking to go out [hint hint!]


  1. Lee says:

    Geri said on July 14th 2005

    Here’s my list’ I’m happy to go with you to these! Or others!

    The pizzeria at 16/Valencia is called Arinell’s.

    I’m fond of The Stinking Rose, a garlic restaurant in SF. Reservations are a good thing. Ask for a canopy table if it’s dinnertime.

    Pacifica Thai Cuisine does good Thai. It’s in Pacifica, of course ;-) Foooggggggg?.

    My favorite Ethiopian places are in Oakland, on Telegraph. One’s Cafe Colucci, on Telegraph near Alcatraz/65th. The other’s Cafe Eritrea d’Afrique, on Telegraph and 40th. The owner of the latter, Zima, tells some fascinating refugee stories.

    Sneha is a favorite Indian place, down in Sunnyvale off of the Lawrence Expressway and Arques. It’s near Fry’s Electronics, which is further down Arques.

    Nawab, in San Mateo, is also a good Indian place.

    La Creperie du Monde, in San Bruno, does crepes real well. Many crepe places don’t.

    Habibi in Fremont does real good mediterranean.

    That’ll get you started!

    I’m sure I’ll think of more’

    Stevie suggested on July 26th 2005

    Neptune’s Palace on Pier 39, 2nd floor in San Francisco. Good steak, seafood and sunsets

    The Chart House on Route 1 in Montero’ before you get to Half Moon. Have an afternoon at the beach across the street and then eat dinner. There is a cave you can get to during low tide.

    Mings in Palo Alto for Dim Sum. on Route 101 & Oregon Expressway or maybe Easton & Oregon Expressway. He was there for 2 hours and never saw the same type of Dim Sum pass by!

    I said:
    Home at 2100 Market has the best macaroni and cheese ever.
    Bernard Rosenberg suggests
    Eat at Rubicon

    Have brunch in Tiburon on the water

    Go out the back end of yosemite, toward owens valley & the japanese prison camp. Mammoth lake…

    Go up Mount Tamalpais. He and his daughter saw a mountain lion cross their path when driving up to it years and years ago
    Absolute Adventures has events several nights a week.

    Trips to Yosemite with Backcountry Found.
    TActile Dome at the exploratorium….Wheeeeeee.
    go to Rayko Photo Center 428 Third Street San Francisco, CA 94107 415-495-3773 (voice) 415-495-3738 (fax) HOURS OF OPERATION Tuesday-Thursday 12-10 pm Friday-Sunday: 12-8 pm Monday: Closed and use their Art-o-mat

    Stargazing in SF:

    Mount Tamalpais (site is slow)

    Go to Bimbo’s or Red Devil Lounge with Cate Stasio. She bought my “Holes” ticket.

    Cafe Grattitude at 20th & Harrison, Denise at Wave recommended it. It’s a raw restaurant.

    SF Botanical Garden

    Carmen Caricchio recommends

    Laura McNamara recommends:
    north beach then city lights book store then vesuvious for a good bloody mary
    the lusty lady – a unionized peep show
    hollow city – book store (Beat Generation.. Sorta)

    Charlotte recommends

    Laura McNamara recommends
    Monterey Bay Aquarium

    use a butane lighter on steel wool

    German restaurant recommended by Frank Zxxxx I met at Burning Man 2005
    German restaurant recommended by Frank Zxxxx I met at Burning Man 2005 Kostritzer Schwarzbier
    Aromatique schnapps

    The Winchester House.. It’s haunted or something!

    Go to the Anchor Steam Brewery. Free Tour. Call 1 month in advance!! free beer. 1705 Mariposa Street, San Francisco, CA 415-863-8350

  2. Alexis says:

    I love thinking of awesome stuff to do! Beats feeling bored in the office… I had to restrict myself to where to be out and about and where to eat out.

    The former:
    Cayuga Park (trippy!)
    Filbert St. Steps (parrots!)
    Crissy Field (location!)
    Musée Mécanique (time travel!)
    Grace Cathedral labyrinth (deep!)
    Conservatory of Flowers/AIDS Grove (gorgeous!)
    Bernal Hill (view!)
    Murals of Coit Tower (art history!)
    Warm Water Cove (industrial decay!)
    Land’s End Trail (hiking!)
    Aquatic Park (history!)
    Fort Funston (dogs!)
    Lyon St. Steps (fanciness!)
    City Guides (tours!)

    The latter:
    Mitchell’s (best ice cream!)
    Taqueria San Francisco (best burritos!)
    Marcello’s (best pizza!)
    Roxie’s (best sandwiches!)
    Mario’s Bohemian Cafe (best Italian sandwiches!)
    Dosa (best Indian, north or south!)
    Incanto (best awesome Italian!)
    Tomasso’s/Pazzia (best typical Italian!)
    Clementine’s (best neighborhood French!)
    Tong Palace (best dim sum!)
    Nopa/Range (best trendy!)
    Manora’s (best Thai!)
    Them Ky (best Vietnamese!)
    Walzwerk (best German!)

    OK I’m starving! And happy it’s almost lunchtime…

  3. lee says:

    Never enough time to do everything.

  4. Bathes in Milk says:

    I like this list. I like the addition from Alexis. Thank you, Alexis!

    I like…
    Nature: The top of Bernal hill
    The Golden Gate Botanical Gardens
    The Japanese Tea Garden in early Spring
    Fort Funston
    Having a bonfire on Ocean Beach

    Suppenküche (great German food-boisterous atmosphere)
    Walzwerk (more good German food)
    Universal cafe in the Mission

    Looking at art galleries
    Riding the ferry

    Heading down to Watercourse Ways in Palo Alto

    June Lake past Yosemite

  5. Jake says:

    I missed this on my last trip. Sounds pretty cool:

    This place is great:

  6. Megan says:

    I heard there’s a place that makes an A-Mazing breakfast in the east bay. the “chef”
    grills onions, potatoes, fresh baby spinach, all scrambled together with eggs. Sometimes they have herbed goat cheese to put on top. The server is delightful. The food is all organic. And sometimes it is preceded by entertainment (I’ll let you use your imagination). I think it’s up in the Berkeley hills near the reservoir entrance to Tilden. I’d give the place 5 stars. But I’ll let you be the judge :-)

  7. lee says:

    Jake, Megan, all those places sound great! I’ve got some travelling in my future!

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