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Overheard in Interpersonal Communications Class

“That was an innovative and original presentation you gave. Can I have your lesson plan so I can show other facilitators?”

That’s what my Interpersonal Communications professor said about the presentation that my classmate and I put on tonight. :-)

About my Virgin Mobile Phone

Here’s the review I’m posting on the Virgin Mobile site…

Total: 3 of 5 stars
Features 4/5
Performance 4/5
Ease of Use 3/5
Battery Life 1/5

I live in San Francisco. 4G sucks the battery fast (3 hours will kill the battery dead) but it’s fast when available. It’s definitely not available everywhere. Powering up the 4G takes like 2 minutes. :-(

Virgin 3G data is definitely universally slower than AT&T. The browser will hang for 20 seconds at a time. But browser pages usually eventually load.

Chrome has problems, an update is supposed to be forthcoming. I installed Opera browser which is working well.

I bought a $75 Seidio 4,000 mah battery so the phone will last all day with 3G turned on. Without it, the phone is DEAD at 7pm. With the new giant backpack battery, the phone is usually at 50% at midnight :-) …. but one day I had a runaway process or something so that the battery died at 8pm. :-(

But hey, $35/month for 3G and 2.5Gig/month! Begrudgingly happy.

And the 3D camera is a really neat Gee-Wiz toy.

Pros: (blank)
Cons: slow 3g, data sucks battery, spotty 4g service

Epic Rap Battles Of History: Barack Obama vs Mitt Romney

Best yet.

local version:

Joss Whedon Endorses Mitt Romney (Watch before you Vote)

local version:

I’m taking the GRE on December 7th

Oh my, I’m nervous. I’d better start studying.

Why am I taking the GRE’s you ask?

I am applying to grad schools! My application to the Samuel Merritt University Master of Occupational Therapy program will be submitted in a few days. My application to the San Jose State University Master of Occupational Therapy will be submitted at the end of this semester!


Flu Immunizations are Dumb

I got a flu immunization yesterday.

Last night I threw up three times.

This morning I couldn’t get out of bed. I have many of my normal symptoms of a cold: fuzzy thinking, slow reaction times, light sensitivity, exhaustion, poor appetite. But no respiratory issues and only minimal body aches,

This is dumb. I got immunized so I wouldn’t miss time out of my life due to illness.