Fixing 16th Street and 24th Street BART Station Signage

After 6+ years of riding BART, I still can’t tell when I’m at 16th Street Station or 24th Street Station. Can you? Go ahead and click on the images to look closer.

How long did it take you to tell the two stations apart? Just so you know, those are the best photos I could get of the stations from inside the train after several attempts. Most of my photos look more like this. I’ve got a lot of these shots on my camera:

Can you tell which shots are of 16th Street Station and which are of 24th Street Station? No, I can’t either. And yes, every photo has the sign pretty much in the middle of the shot; I really tried to get good photos.

For comparison, here are some shots of other stations. Same camera, same angles.

The other stations are all much easier to identify. Different architecture, different color schemes, and visible signs.

Fixing this isn’t hard. The signs at 16th and 24th just need to have some light cast on them.

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