Workshop Weekend: Learning Camp June 30-July 1 in Oakland!

There’s like a gazillion classes going on at this mega-learning/hacking/building event!

Join me at Workshop Weekend!

I’m teaching “BeetleBots Zooming Everywhere!” on  Sunday, July 1st at 10:00am.

Workshop Weekend is a weekend-long event of short, 1 to 3 hour long workshops in subjects from exploring 3D modeling and printing, building a mini robot, and creating your own jewelry to making ricotta cheese and discovering DNA modeling! It’s a festival of learning with more than 40 hands-on workshops to choose from, all taking place June 30 and July 1 in downtown Oakland — pay $30 and take as many workshops as you like! The weekend is a family-friendly gathering for kids and adults alike, bringing together arts, crafts and engineering workshops, all taught by the bay area’s best makers.

Aaaand, use my coupon code to get 10% off admission:  BEETLEBOTS2012

Here’s a partial list of the workshops being offered:

  • Cheesemaking: Ricotta
  • Creating 3D Models
  • Sewing by Machine
  • Royal Icing Flowers
  • Arduino Programming
  • Rainbow LEDs
  • T-shirt Silkscreening
  • …and like 30 more

Check out them all at

See you there!


  1. Megan Flom says:

    Hey!! How come I’m just hearing about this now? I would have gone to this but I’ll be in LA next weekend. Poop!

  2. Lee Sonko says:

    Sorry! That is the consequence of me falling behind on my emails

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