Lee Going to School

I’m taking prerequisite classes to get into a Radiography program, that’s an allied health profession doing things like taking diagnostic X-ray, MRI, CT scans and the like in hospitals. My first choice is CCSF (City College of San Francisco), they have one of the best reputations of any Radiography program in the country. I’ve been volunteering at CPMC Pacific Campus since December 2011 in the Radiology Department and it’s been going well. The biggest bother right now now is that the program gets like 120 applications for 30 spots each year and pretty much as long as you meet their 2.5 GPA requirement, they put your name in a hat and draw names randomly! So I’m preparing myself to apply elsewhere too!

I had been considering doing a Radiation Therapy program instead. A Radiation Therapist is the person who zaps somebody who is getting “radiation” when they have cancer. But I did some volunteering at CPMC and it’s not for me. I’m glad I found out!


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