Oh The Places You’ll Go at Burning Man

This is incredibly beautiful.

My heart is full and my intention strong.

Log in to Youtube to watch it, the video is age restricted.

local version:

Damn onions!


I need to say Thank you to the people that made this happen:

Dr Seuss
Teddy Saunders (www.tedshots.com)
Parker Howell (www.parkerhowell.com)
William Walsh (www.wbwalsh.com)
Produced and Edited by Teddy Saunders
Digital Effects and Color by Parker Howell
Original Score By Darius Holbert
Sound Mix by Tyler Payne


  1. lee says:

    Oh my, 600,000 views in the 4 days since this was published. That’s a lot of joy and encouragement spread!

  2. lee says:

    Played it again. Cried again. Damn onions.

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