Now that’s a light bulb!

I just got a giant 65 watt compact fluorescent to fend off Seasonal Affective Disorder. So far, so good.

The light has good color rendition and it’s bright as all get out. I’ve still got to find a good way to mount it. A local video store uses these lights in their shop, their lights are labelled “Bright Effects 65 Watt Soft White CFL”, and they got them from Lowes. I went to Lowes and (apparently) they’ve been rebranded as “Utilitech 2600 Series 65 Watt Soft White CFL product 0046931”.

Right now it’s mounted near my computer monitor, so I might just start getting a suntan as I geek. I’ll figure out a less obtrusive mounting method. Charlotte told me about a study where people successfully received light therapy on the backs of their legs, so I shouldn’t need to put the light on my face.

The light in action. Notice how everything else is freaking black? My camera couldn’t handle how bright it was!

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