Why Google+ Remains Irrelevant

I’ve been trying to use Google+, I really have. But here are a couple major reasons why it remains is irrelevant to me.

Here is a prime example. A friend of mine wrote on their Google Plus: (I have changed the text slightly to make it unsearchable and won’t post the name)

Sept 24th
After I changed the name on my other Google+ account, I got it back. However the people in my circles had been deleted. And the nickname I specified (in hopes people that knew me by that name could find it) doesn’t show up in my profile. To the extent I use Google+ at all (which looks dubious), it will be with this profile.

Sept 24th followup
Well, all my peeps on the other account mysteriously came back this afternoon. However, I still don’t think it useful to use that one, since no one would recognize me with the name that’s on it.


Another major issue is that I keep getting Friend requests from people that I don’t believe I know. I’d like to write to them asking “Do I know you?” but there is no way for me to contact these people unless I join their circle and then publicly comment on one of their posts. That’s kinda dumb. Apparently Google+ doesn’t let you communicate one-on-one with people. It is only a one-to-many medium.


Sifting though high volume vs low volume posters remains just as difficult as with Facebook. Some of my friends blog 3 times a day (“Had eggs for breakfast”), some once a month (“Got a new job”). I need an interface that lets me see the low volume posters!

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