DNA Pizza Lounge Cafe Sign – Check

This took quite a bit more time and effort than originally anticipated. But I’m pretty pleased with it.
Originally mentioned on my blog and on the DNA Lounge blog.

Go visit it this week at DNA Pizza, before nature claims it’s shiny buff job in place of a dark, sinister rusty patina.

Now the sign needs to get lit from behind (not my job), a bird shield added (my job), a little painting (not me), a little natural rust patina (nature’s job), some clearcoating, and total victory is ours.

Thanks go to Michael Kearney (pictured above) and Lou!


  1. That is gorgeous!

  2. Lee Sonko says:

    Thanks! I’ll grab a couple more pix before it rusts. (it’ll be nice rusted too but I like is shiny more)

  3. lee says:

    Props for the sign from JWZ:

    There aren’t lights inside it yet (coming soon!) but it looks great. It won’t remain shiny for long: within a month or so, it will have rusted enough to match the DNA Lounge sign.

    Unlike the DNA sign, this one only took seven months instead of ten years, so I’m gonna make a note here, huge success! Lee Sonko is the fellow who built and hung it, by the way. Thanks, Lee!

  4. lee says:

    A little DNA Pizza sign update…

    The sign has gotten a nice patina over the last few years. Here’s an image from May 2017 from JWZ’s DNA Lounge blog.

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