An Etherpad You Can Trust

I have much bemoaned the loss of Etherpad to the Google. The project was open sourced so, in theory, anyone can run an Etherpad server. But it does take a little bit of nerd accumen to get the thing going. I’ve heard of a couple groups that have started servers… PiratePad,,, EtherPad Foundation, But I’ve been wary of trusting most of these guys. I mean, come on, I’m going to write semi-confidential things on PiratePad?

Here’s one I think I can trust:


  1. TJIC says:

    > I mean, come on, I’m going to write semi-confidential things on PiratePad?

    Excellent…you’ve passed the test. You’re smart and wise enough to be let into our elite inner circle of Etherpad users.

    Please join us at !

  2. lee says:

    Hmm. The link you sent is broken. I also tried

    PS: (via)

    German police raid Etherpad deployment
    German police have confiscated the popular Etherpad deployment at Piratenpad. The Etherpad deployment was being used for structured debates around the protests in Spain so this is a major cause for concern from a libertarian perspective. We believe the polices main reason for the raid is because PiratenPad was being used by the group “anonymous” to organize an attack. The server is currently in possesion of the German authorities.

  3. Check out It’s stable and secure (plus a whole lot of great features) despite your concerns about naming :)

  4. lee says:

    Alex, I gave hackpad a few minutes of my time. It looks pretty neat.

    Again, I want to feel that it isn’t shady. To this end I want to see things like an open online forum for discussion, association with reputable names (even a link to your blog or Igor’s blog would he helpful, a more clearly “good and useful” product name.

    I want you to rock it and make a useful and good thing!

  5. Lee, you are totally correct. Hackpad is a new project, but it’s important to establish trust early on. Thanks for taking the time to check it out and for the suggestions on making the project feel more upstanding!

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