Photojournal: Not Sketchy at All

Here’s some photos from recent travels. Click to enlarge! Better yet, mouseover each image briefly to preload, then click when you want to view.

Creative forklifting at NIMBY. Not sketchy at all.

Brunch in Alameda. Quite a nice spread!

Charlotte brings my touchstone, Joe's O's in her new measlecar

Look at the name of the school. Just look at it! Yes, this is a real school in Alameda.

Erika straps in to receive an automated randomized religion reassignment tattoo at the amazing ArtPadSF event at the Phoenix Hotel

Tada! Now she's a Jew!

Building a new poofer at Center Hardware!

Building the poofer in Electronic Controlled Flame Effects class!

An aerial performance at the NIMBY BBQ!

I've got a bad cold. Aunt Dorothy's caps will help make me better!

Happily, I got over the cold.


  1. Dave Pedroli says:

    Not sketchy, nope, just putting a forklift into a container, still had 10,000lbs of capacity left on the big machine

  2. Lee Sonko says:

    :-) He needed to pull a big rock out of the back of the container so he was going to drive the little forklift into the container to fetch it.

  3. Dave Pedroli says:

    oh, there goes all the mystery…

  4. Lee Sonko says:

    ^H^H^H^H^H^H He was fetching a tiny forklift. If only I had my camera at the ready for the triple-forking!

  5. TJIC says:

    I’m…fairly freaked out by the idea of getting a randomly assigned religious tattoo. Yeagad!

  6. Dave Pedroli says:

    how else do you lift to 47 feet?

  7. lee says:

    >freaked out by the idea of getting a randomly assigned religious tattoo.

    Baby! Wimp!

    You’re probably just worried you’d get the painful to ink Mooninite symbol.

  8. Foxfur says:

    I love your blog…

  9. Bathes in milk says:

    Nice pictures. Hey, you gonna use those spot magnets?

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