Learn Bread Baking This Weekend

I’m teaching another bread baking class on Sunday, from 3-5pm in the Mission. Sign up at wwyl.net/bread!

Here are some emails I got this week about last week’s Maker Faire class:

I was lucky enough to catch your talk at the Maker Faire this afternoon… I really enjoyed your “organic” way of approaching baking… Your teaching style was also excellent, a little humor goes a long way in education.
– James Peters

Thanks for teaching us how to make bread at makersfaire! It came out delicious the first time and we shared it with our neighbors. It was a fun way to bring the whole apartment building together!
Sarah and Evan


  1. friscolex says:

    YUM! What I wouldn’t do for crusty bread. It must be the humidity on this island that makes it IMPOSSIBLE to find.

  2. lee says:

    It’s not the humidity, it’s the heat!

    You could bake your own bread there and make a fine crust… you just have to turn on your oven, yuck.

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