Terrific Credit Card Offers

My credit score is excellent, something above 760. I make sure to keep it that way by getting lots of credit, not using most of it and paying them off in full every single month. The travel offers on the credit cards I get are quite substantial. Just on Wednesday I got back from a trip to see my family, San Francisco to Florida, paid for with credit card airline miles. And today I got a new credit card that will give me 50,000 Continental airline miles after my first purchase. That’ll make a nice trip :-)

Here’s what’s in my wallet right now:
AT&T Universal Savings Rewards Mastercard – 5% cash back on up to whatever my AT&T bill is each month, about $150

Chase Business Ink – 3% cash back on gas, restaurants & home improvement

Chase ATM card – never pay for anything with a debit card. Never.

Continental Airlines Onepass Mastercard – 50,000 airline miles after the first purchase. Sign up here! 1 free checked bag, 1 mile earned per dollar spent (approx 0.8% cash back if you fly non-peak)

Gap Visa – make a purchase and get $20 free money (when I went shopping at Gap a while back, they gave me 40% off for signing up for this card)

If I could just pay off my credit cards WITH my credit cards.


  1. lee says:

    Update: the Continental 50,000 mile offer is good thru May 15th. They might have another one later but… just sign up, ok? This is a great deal.

  2. lee says:

    update: I just got a Wyndham Rewards card… 12,000 Wyndham miles at first purchase. Good for 2 nights at a fancy hotel or I can transfer them to American Airlines. It also earns 2 miles per dollar spent

    10-22-11 update: I just redeemed 12,500 Wyndham credit card points for a $50 Subway gift certificate. Yum. I had to spend $250 on the credit card.

  3. lee says:

    Update: I just got a Paypal Extras Mastercard. They offer a $20 bonus after your first $100 or more purchase.

  4. lee says:

    Update: I just got an Amex Open Business Gold card. 75,000 “Membership Rewards bonus points” if I spend $1,000. Curiously they never say what these points are good for. I doubt they can be turned into airline miles 1:1, we’ll see. Update 1-19-12: Yes! They can be exchanged for airline miles 1:1! It can become 75,000 airline miles on Delta and several other airlines! Here’s the site.

    I just got an offer for 45,000 American Airlines miles connected to a Visa card. I’ll sign up for that in a few weeks, after I’ve established the Amex Open card.

    And I got another “refer a friend, your friend gets 25,000 Delta airline miles, you get 10,000 Delta miles” offer. I’ll do that one soon.

  5. lee says:

    Update: I just got a Chase Business checking account for my business. $250 free money if I keep the account for 6 months. Plus a business credit card, $100 for using it once.

  6. lee says:

    In case you were wondering how all these credit card shenanigans effect your credit score. I have 8 credit cards and my credit score just topped 800.

  7. lee says:

    Last month I got a nice $50 Gap shirt for $0. They sent me a $20 coupon and a $10 coupon in the mail, the shirt was 40% off so… tada! Free shirt!

  8. lee says:

    And the cycle begins anew…

  9. lee says:

    I just applied for a United Airlines card…. 60,000 miles and free checked bags and such. Sign up yourself here:

  10. lee says:

    Cha-ching! I got approved for the card!


    * $95/year for the card after the first year
    * earn 50,000 bonus miles after first use of the card!
    * as long as you are a cardmember, your miles won’t expire
    * Free first checked bag on United flights for me and a companion
    * Priority Boarding
    * 2 free United Club passes each year
    * earn 2 miles per $1 spent on United
    * earn 1 mile per $1 spent elsewhere

  11. lee says:

    Just signed up for a Chase Total Checking account. I got a coupon in the mail saying “keep it open for 6 months and get $200 free money.” If I maintain a $1,500 balance, they waive the $10 monthly fee. Doing the math, 1 – $1500/$1700 = 11% interest guaranteed.

  12. lee says:

    Signed up for travel6.citicards.com
    30,000 AA miles for spending $1,000 in the first 3 months :-)

  13. lee says:

    Just signed up for a Discover Miles card. 1000 Miles each month (for the first 12 months) when I use the card at least once.

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