DNA Lounge Pizza Cafe Sign

Look what I made

Cutting the sign on the Box Shop's CNC plasma cutter

Welding it all together

Cleaning up the sign mount. Hi Lou!

New sign mounted!

There is still work to be done to finish it, but it’s starting to look darn snappy!

Check out JWZ’s images of the sign raising

Lou and I raising the sign in place

The new sign at dusk


  1. TJIC says:

    That’s YOU !?!?!

    WT* !?!?

    That’s awesome!

    The 21st century is bizarre – you are micro-famous in a strange and wonderful way!

  2. lee says:

    I figured you’d get a kick out of that :-). The pizza is good too!

  3. lee says:

    Here’s an old update from April 19th

    I retrimmed the expanded metal, fixed the “e” that remained attached during the first automated cut, recutting it on the CNC (which took some doing to line up). I didn’t do it by hand because it is important to get a nice even cut on both the positive and negative. I set up the TIG with the new water cooling, cleaned up the TIG area so I could lay the sign down on a table, and attached the expanded metal to the sign. Still to be done is one more little extra cut on the other sign, get the green plastic, and figuring out how to mount the thing.

  4. […] and effort than originally anticipated. But I’m pretty pleased with it. Originally mentioned on my blog and on the DNA Lounge […]

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