Jonathan Richman at Lost Weekend Video

I got to see Jonathan Richman (of Modern Lovers et all musical immortality fame!) at (of all places!) Lost Weekend Video. Went with Charlotte. About 300 people packed into the video store! First thing was they they started playing the movie There’s Something About Mary. Charlotte and I wondered, a little disappointedly, if we’d have to wait until the end of the movie to hear Jonathan Richman play. But just 30 seconds in, a bold voice shouted “Ok, stop it right there!” Jonathan gave commentary throughout several parts of the movie, it was awesome! If you don’t recall, he did the music in the movie and had a few greek chorus singing cameos.

Initially we walked up to the video store and the line to get in went up Valencia and around the corner! We thought we’d never get in so we meandered around for a while. We finally committed, saying that we’d likely not get in. It turns out that we were the LAST people allowed in… which put us right at the front door… FRONT ROW SEATS :-).

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