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A Good Place to Buy Office Furniture

BT Express Liquidators 166 Baypointe Pkwy, San Jose, CA
We just got several large tables for the Hardware group at Earthmine. $350 each instead of $1000+ new. Nice and super sturdy. You never know what they’ll have though… they really are office liquidators!

Discounted Tuition at The Crucible

The Crucible is having a sale on fall classes, including all my beloved Kinetics classes like Flame Effects, Mechanical Sculpture, and Arduino.

Here’s the deets:

Crucible Friends and Family Promotion

SAVE 30% on all Fall class tuition, exclusively available to Friends and Family of Crucible Board, staff and faculty!

Available by telephone orders only — call 510/444-0919 and use the code FRND10 to get this unprecedented discount.
Registration must be completed by 6PM on August 31 to qualify; discount is only for tuition, class materials fees are additional to discounted tuition

For a complete listing of classes, visit

Gravy is not Replenished Once Depleted

Advice for life as seen in the breakfast room of the West Western hotel in Dallas Oregon. This sign hangs over a crock pot full of breakfast gravy. Brent and I, while travelling for earthmine, noticed that this sign had a secret special significance.

Gravy is not
once depleted.
It is served as a
first come first
served basis.

Caution: Gravy
is hot!

What a Day!

Woke up yesterday grumpy. It hasn’t been sunny in SF in a while. Finally got moving and grudgingly rode my bike to a Public Bike party at South Park. (an emotional grudge, not logistical. Thank you so much Cindy for the invitation!!).

I got to talk to a product designer at Public about this weird little loose-ish screw on the bike. (I won’t go into it here) and he responded “That’s quite astute of you to notice”. Ha! We had a great little product design and user experience conversation.

I got to meet the owner of The American, a new Grilled Cheese restaurant in San Francisco! I’ve spoken with Charlotte many times somewhat flippantly about wanting to open a grilled cheese restaurant. You can make them sweet or savory, it’s almost the perfect food! (ok, I don’t want to hear any non-perfect comments… to me, it’s almost the perfect food!). I explained how I didn’t know anything about being a restaurateur. His response, “Me neither. I just quit my job at Oracle and put my life savings into the business! We’ve been open 3 months and, so far, it’s going really well.” Anything is possible, eh?

At the end of the party, Cindy’s friend Dan had to get his Fun Cycle conference bikes back home. He was asking “Hey who wants to ride these bikes back to Pier 39 and Golden Gate Park?” I was thinking, “Umm, my legs burned on the way here via bike, I don’t need to push it. But I’ve got nothing else going on today… Feh, why not” And we were off!

Ok, conference bikes are fun! We must have had our picture taken 50 times on our route down Embarcadero to the parking lot near Pier 39. People are all waving and smiling. We stopped and got beers for the ride, and did donuts out on one of the piers! It was such a blast!

We parked the bike and Patrick and I went into the Spy Shop across the street from the parking lot. Boys Toys!

Then it was back to South Park to pick up our bikes… but first a stop at 21st Amendment for drinks! Wee!

On to a birthday party for Cindy Woo in the Mission!

Laurie suggests we go to a party at Adobe Books and then the Lexington, and we’re off! Adobe has it’s requisite compliment of fun and weird! Then we’re off to the Lex where I met Carla :-). We meet up with these Brits who say this is their last night in San Francisco after a whirlwind tour and keep demanding we show them the “real gay San Francisco”. Carla and I walk them from the Lexington to The Cafe in the Castro, meeting a few characters along the way. These 2 boys saying joyously despondently “Oh, it’s 1 am, all the good looking guys are already gone!” I say hopefully to our British contingent, “Now there’s just desperate guys left. Maybe even some good looking desperate guys. You’ll find yours, don’t worry!” We drop off the Brits at The Cafe, get some pizza slices and walk back to fetch her car from a garage in the Mission. :-)

What a night!

Looking for a Dentist in Berkeley

I just started a job in Berkeley and I’d like to get my teeth cleaned et all. Do you have any recommendations for a good dentist?

East Bay Mini Maker Faire October 24th 2010

Check it out!
They are accepting applications for Makers til August 31st :-)

I like the idea of this event because the San Mateo event is just so crazy overwhelming big.