Unsafe BART Construction Zone at West Oakland BART station

I just left voicemail on the BART comment and complaint line  510 464-7134:

Just north of the west Oakland Bart station there is some sidewalk construction going on. Pedestrians are blocked by a fence from crossing Center street. To avoid the fence pedestrians must walk east or west a very long block. Understandably, pedestrians instead choose to break down the fence and walk across the construction zone. It would be easy for Bart to make a safe crossing zone in a nearby area instead of allowing this unsafe crossing.

Please create a safe way to cross this construction zone.

We’ll see if the problem is fixed anytime soon.


  1. lee says:

    BART called me back to say essentially, “Thanks, crews from the City of Oakland are causing the blockage. We already called them asking them to fix the problem.”

    That’s as nice a response as one could get! I’ll call Oakland soon and keep you, dear reader updated.

  2. lee says:

    There is now a nice fenced off crossing zone :-)

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