New Full Time Job!

I have just been offered a job with Earthmine as a Field Technician. Among other things, I’ll be travelling the world maintaining super fancy cameras!

Helping to make things like this happen:

(local copy)

Woot! I start July 26th.

(1) Field Technician
earthmine inc ( is a growing street-level 3D mapping company based in Berkeley, California. Our technology exists at the interface of the physical and informational realms, mixing the application of electrical, mechanical, and embedded systems engineering with software technology for image processing and internet distribution.

The Field Technician will travel around the world (approximately 50% travel time) to install and operate earthmine’s camera systems on automobiles and pedal powered vehicles. Recent deployments have included France, Mexico, Australia, Malaysia, and locations around the U.S.A. Some systems will be deployed permanently with a customer, and some will be set up temporarily for a focused capture operation.

We take pride in the level of quality and dependability we have built into our capture rigs, but as with any complex system, there are inevitably occasional problems in the field. The Field Technician must be capable of debugging and maintaining a system which incorporates optical, mechanical, electronic, and software elements, often with limited contact with the engineering team in Berkeley, and a limited set of travel tools.

Travel offers many rewarding experiences, but can also provide challenges such as jet lag and finding conveniences and technical resources in an unfamiliar place. The Field Technician must demonstrate preparedness for these challenges, through a history of travel or work in other challenging environments.

In some cases, the Field Technician may be called upon to provide an impromptu demonstration or sales pitch to a customer, and therefore must have good communication skills and the ability to interact gracefully with customers.

While not travelling, the Field Technician will be based at earthmine’s offices in Berkeley, California. The Field Technician’s primary responsibilities here will be to act as a front line for technical problems experienced in earthmine’s fleet. This requires the ability to debug simple problems remotely, and to communicate effectively with the engineering team in order to solve more complex problems and to document problems which can be solved in future design revisions.

earthmine is a small company in which each employee must wear many hats, so the Field Technician will also assist in the company’s production and operations activities as necessary.

Some college or vocational training is necessary for this role, but a Bachelor’s Degree is not required. 2-4 years experience working with a technical product is necessary.

Key Skills Include:

Adaptable to field work in unfamiliar locations
Mechanical assembly and maintenance
Assembling and Debugging electronics
Maintaining and testing software systems
Good Organizational and Communication Skills.
Nice to Have:

Foreign language skills, especially French
This is a full time position with benefits, ideally starting in July 2010. Please email resume in doc or PDF form with cover letter to careers at earthmine dot com


  1. Smslån says:

    Wow! That is an exciting job. Travel around the world?! Pretty interesting IMO. I am one who loves to travel and meet new people, learn a new culture and love to try out new things. But it seems the job position is highly technical. I probably only have 2 out of the 5 key skills. Congratulations on your hiring. Good luck too. Love to be in your shoes. :D

  2. YourGardenShow says:

    How is it going?

    When you come up for air (or touch down back in SF), I would love to talk to you. We would love to do something like this for garden visits; we now have plant tagging connected to some of the world’s most important noncommercial plantadatabases on the site. Any ideas?

  3. YourGardenShow says:


    Lisa Finerty
    Strategic Outreach Director
    Your Garden Show
    Twitter: yourgardenshow
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    San Francisco


    Find inspiration,
    grow your garden,
    share with others.

  4. lee says:

    Hi Lisa, I’ll definitely give you a call next week! Garden tours could work out terrificly. I’ll be back in the US on Oct 1 but it’ll take a couple days to get over jet lag. :-)

  5. YourGardenShow says:

    Have a good trip back and will expect your call.

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