What Not to Eat

A few days ago I needed to grab some lunch before teaching at the Crucible. I thought “Hmm, I could pay $5 for a sandwich at Subway or… hey what about those McDonalds Dollar Menu McDouble Cheeseburgers? Certainly 5 double cheeseburgers is more food than just 1 Subway Sandwich.”

Dearest reader, I’m sure you know how this ended. Poorly. I got 3 McDoubles and continued my day. After 10 minutes I felt  rejuvenated having put food in my belly.  About 40 minutes later I got this “not so good” feeling. Like maybe I had eaten too much salt and/or fat without enough… without enough of anything else. Blah! I felt buzzed and bothered and had a little extra trouble focusing on my tasks all evening. :-(

From the McDonalds website:
390 calories – reasonable for a buck
170 calories from fat (44%) – pretty high, don’t eat these every day!
920 mg of sodium (38% of your RDA) – It’s a fucking salt sandwich!

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