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My friend Laura in Manhattan needs some help. She describes it well so here is her letter to me

I previously wrote about this and got some help, thanks!

The Facts:

My apartment was destroyed on Oct 24th by my upstairs neighbor who opened a hot water main and flooded out the three units beneath hers.

There is no power, the kitchen has been demolished completely, no one can live there.

After three months waiting while insurance companies point the finger at each-other, I’ve been forced to file a lawsuit last week.

We named in the suit: Jeannette, (the neighbor who caused the destruction), the co-op, the board of directors of the co-op, the management company of the co-op.

We tried to get approval to start reconstruction on my dime so my place would not continue to rot and I could get home sooner, but the co-op won’t sign the alteration agreement.

I have been living in a hotel suite that State Farm has been paying for. They will stop paying as of February 11th. This hotel costs almost $7k a month so no way can I stay here.

This could take a year to even get to trial. We are hoping for a summary judgment before then but must be ready for the worst- what my attorney calls The Doomsday Plan.

When it does get to trial or in front of a judge, we WILL win; no one is arguing the facts, just which insurance — co-op’s or Jeanette’s — should pay for what.

I have a good lawyer but he does not have a magic wand. He is very expensive, this will probably be $20-30K in lawyers’ fees, which I may or may not ever recoup.

I have a wonderful mother who will help me financially, but she is not rich.

The Primary Need:

A place to live, hopefully in Manhattan, while this process labors on. At least for three months, more likely for six, maybe even longer if we are forced to go to trial.

This place must also take my kitty.

Best case it would be furnished. But I could move my furniture in if it would be a long term arrangement.

The place must be large enough that I can do some work.

Secondary Needs:

A licensed architect who can do drawings for the permit. I can do the preliminary drawings in CAD but need the pro for the permit, (at a great price).

Physical help when the time comes to move. Marriott may let me stay a few extra days at a cut rate so it would probably be the weekend of 13th and 14th.

A job.

What You Can Do:

Put your network on alert to help me find a temporary home.

Help me find an architect who will work at a low rate or even contingency. It’s very little work on their part, just must have it right so don’t break any laws.

Volunteer to help me move when I must- esp. if you have a car. Be my Valentine?

Let me know of any small or large design or acting jobs. Hell, any jobs at all-I must get back to work.

Help me appease whatever Gods I’ve apparently angered-Pray, Chant, speak in tongues, holy water, sacrifice — Anything!!!

The Emotions:
Did I mention Overwhelmed?

Hopeful, still hopeful it will all be okay some day.
Grateful that I know lots of good people.
Xoxo, L

If you can help or know someone that might be able to, please comment here, email Laura at ljhanna at verizon dat net or call her at 917 + 796 – 7682.

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