Nuance Omnipage 17 Slime

My call to Omnipage Sales…

Short form:
Their sales website is huge and very pretty. They spent a lot of money on it. Omnipage 17 costs about $150, Omnipage 17 Professional costs about $500. And there’s the “Enterprise” version.

I clicked the pretty “chat with a representative” popup on their site to find out what’s up with the extra $350.

Want to know what you are paying for? Salesmanship.


Here’s the transcript. My commentary (not from the conversation) is in bold


Please wait while we find an agent to assist you…
Hello, welcome to Nuance Chat. Please briefly describe your goal or question and I will connect you with the best resource to meet your objectives.
Customer: What is the difference between Omnipage 17 and 17 Pro? Can you show me a comparison page?
Erin Sim: That’s a good question. What I can do is transfer you to a sales agent who can answer that question and ensure you are getting the correct product. Would that be helpful?
Customer: sure That’s odd, I didn’t make it directly to sales? Whatever…
Erin Sim: Great! Before I transfer you can you please provide me with your name and phone number?
Customer: I’d rather not, thanks. Why would this guy need my phone number? Followup sales call?
Erin Sim: No problem, I will transfer you now. Your expected wait time is 5-10 minutes as we are currently experiencing higher volumes than usual. Thank you for your patience.
Johannes Wehrmann has entered the session.
Erin Sim has left the session.
Johannes Wehrmann: Hello, welcome to Nuance sales support, please let me review what you have entered.
Customer: Hi, What is the difference between Omnipage 17 and 17 Pro? Can you show me a comparison page?
Johannes Wehrmann: There isn’t a comparison between Standard and Pro.
Customer: There is a $350 price difference. You spent $100,000 on your fricking Omnipage website and there’s no way to compare your products? WTF?
Johannes Wehrmann: I can discuss your requirements with you and explaing the differences.
Johannes Wehrmann: Would you like me to call you? … and fill my head with OCR sugarplums?
Customer: I want OCR that works. You sell a product, I buy it. It works. I want to convert image PDFs into Docs. Not hard. I don’t want to be put into the sales funnel. Thanks. Bye. Ok, maybe I’m a bit punchy. But how many people’s pocketbooks did they slime their way into? I have no respect for this kind of sales.
Your session has ended. You may now close this window.

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  1. Bathesinmilk says:

    Blech but typical.

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