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Semicolon as a Super Comma?

I’m excited about this! I ran into this problem just the other day, trying to make a list while qualifying the listees at the same time. I’m a big fan of the semicolon but didn’t know that I could do this! What do you think, is this kosher?

(via, and they tell you how to use a semicolon for other, less nefarious purposes too!)


Why I Love has more well researched SCIENCE than the news.

Read this article about The 6 Most Statistically Full of Shit Professions.

And follow the links. This is science people! And it’s awesome too.

Looking for iPhone Offline Website Caching

I’m using wikis more and more for business. I have a lot of content that I need access to on a daily basis. I need to be assured of having access to this data wherever I go. Some examples include the phone numbers and addresses for my tutoring clients, shopping lists for my classes, todo items for my business.

What I want is an application to crawl each of my several private mediawiki sites and make them available offline on my iPhone.

Some products that almost fit the bill include:

  • Instapaper – can’t grab password protected pages
  • Several Wikipedia caching programs – really close! If they could grab my password protected Mediawiki sites, I’d be set
  • Evernote – I haven’t tried it yet but I don’t think this is what I want
  • I can make html archives of my Mediawiki sites. I can view this on my laptop which is good. I would like to view them on my iPhone.
  • Apps that make Data URLs like Filemark Maker are nice but it’s a multi-step process involving my home computer
  • Web pages saved on the PC then viewed with Dropbox. Again it’s multi-step process each time I want a new archive. Maybe I/you could crawl my site with wget and throw that into Dropbox. The HTML archive won’t be pretty and I’d have to manually “Favorite” a lot of pages.

Do you know of an application that can do this? Or maybe you’ll like to write it, becoming  rich and famous?

Iron Cupcake

It’s San Francisco!

cupcakesThey were delicious.

It was a crazy event!

I met some cupcakeers. They were intensely into … CUPCAKES!

I met a woman from Holland and man from Estonia who had never eaten a cupcake before!cupcake lee

Saw Avatar: Pretty awesome

I saw Avatar in 3D at the Metreon with Stacy. It’s pretty, awesome, and pretty awesome.

Totally beautiful, sumptuous visuals, gorgeous realization of an alternate world. And the aliens are totally hot!

I should write more about it but I’m short on time. So here’s bullet points:

the first 1/2 of the movie hurt my eyes with the 3D, maybe they were pushing objects forward of the screen with the effects instead of behind the screen? The 2nd half had less issue with this. Coraline was crisper in 3d, but that was at the Alameda theater and done with real claymation.

CGI or costumes?! Wow, it’s really hard to tell. Must have been both.

SamsonScorpionavatar-scorpion-gunshipThey got the helicopter sounds wrong! The most common flying machine in the movie is this totally awesome looking “scorpion gunship”. Each of the 2 “wings” has 2 co-axial counter-rotating 3 bladed propellers in a ducted fan. So it would sound a lot like the “woooooo” of a jet engine. Maybe with a bit of resonance, like “wooowooowooowooo” But the sound effect they used is that of a regular 2 bladed helicopter, going “Tuh Tuh Tuh Tuh”. Every time I heard the sound (which was a lot toward the end with all the crashing and smashing of those machines!) I cringed :-(

Ooo, pretty!

I can imagine it being worth seeing it in IMAX. But there were no good showtimes at the Metreon :-(

Yup, the 3D movie experience has saved modern cinema from being outmoded by large screen televisions in peoples’ homes.

Exploring the world reminded me of this fantasy book I read that had lots of word-play with real magical hangman trees and steaming bread trees… Argh, I don’t recall the name!
Update 3-14-10: Xanth!

Fungisil is a Scam

Just do 5 minutes of googling and you’ll realize that Fungisil is a scam. It’s almost definitely made by the same people that make Zetaclear.

Why do I say it’s a scam?

  • The ingredient list has nothing but common, inexpensive ingredients like undecylenic acid (a good topical antifungal. Buy a lifetime supply for $20 at a health food store)
  • Crazy expensive, $40 for 0.5 oz. And that is a 2-4 week supply. You’ll need to treat for 3-6 months
  • Online marketing. Googling for “fungisil” finds loads of fantastic, glowing reviews that were obviously written by poor marketers and not users.
  • Lots of online marketing comparing Fungisil to Zetaclear. And no reviews of Fungisil to other antifungal topicals.

There are many discussions about nail fungus going on on my blog. Search my blog for the word “fungus” for more.