Looking for iPhone Offline Website Caching

I’m using wikis more and more for business. I have a lot of content that I need access to on a daily basis. I need to be assured of having access to this data wherever I go. Some examples include the  phone numbers and addresses for my tutoring clients, shopping lists for my classes, todo items for my business.

What I want is an application to crawl each of my several private  mediawiki sites and make them available offline on my iPhone.

Some products that almost fit the bill include:

  • Instapaper – can’t grab password protected pages
  • Several Wikipedia caching programs – really close! If they could grab my password protected Mediawiki sites, I’d be set
  • Evernote – I haven’t tried it yet but I don’t think this is what I want
  • I can make html archives of my Mediawiki sites. I can view this on my laptop which is good. I would like to view them on my iPhone.
  • Apps that make Data URLs like Filemark Maker are nice but it’s a multi-step process involving my home computer
  • Web pages saved on the PC then viewed with Dropbox. Again it’s multi-step process each time I want a new archive. Maybe I/you could crawl my site with wget and throw that into Dropbox. The HTML archive won’t be pretty and I’d have to manually “Favorite” a lot of pages.

Do you know of an application that can do this? Or maybe you’ll like to write it, becoming  rich and famous?

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