Semicolon as a Super Comma?

I’m excited about this! I ran into this problem just the other day, trying to make a list while qualifying the listees at the same time. I’m a big fan of the semicolon but didn’t know that I could do this! What do you think, is this kosher?

(via, and they tell you how to use a semicolon for other, less nefarious purposes too!)



  1. Free says:

    Yep, definitely kosher. I learned that one back in Ohio as a small child.

  2. Alexis says:

    Yay for semicolons! The unsung heroes of linking independent clauses, they are my favorite form of punctuation.


  3. lee says:

    Oh wow, the google has all kinds of references to the amazing feats of strength, do-goodery and strong cleft chin of SUPER COMMA!

    What’s not to like? I’m thinking of starting a semicolon fan club!

  4. karry h says:

    o wow what a page this is so awesome i love that one about the mayo real smart, besides who does not like that stuff

  5. […] second most common use for the semicolon is to use it as a super comma, which separates items in a list where one or more of the items already contains a comma. For […]

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