Fly and be free!

I love that expression. I used it at Maker Faire… check the last 10 seconds of the video I made. But I got it wrong, sticking the “and” in there. It’s actually:

“Fly! Be Free!
[Mork tosses the egg in the air. It makes a quick and unfortunate decent to the counter top, smashing]
Well I guess we’ll have to have a quick burial at sea then.”

You can find it 38:18 minutes:seconds into the pilot episode of Mork and Mindy. This is hopefully still a link to the pilot episode of Mork and Mindy.

It’s amazing how individual moments get captured and amplified. I last saw that episode like 20+ years ago.
fly and be free 1 fly and be free 2 fly and be free 3

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  1. debby says:

    I remember that!

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